Q: I work at a young biomedical start-up company. Why do I need marketing?

A: Every company has many interfaces to the outside world. You may need market research in order to better understand your customers, and you probably need to tell your story to different audiences such as customers, the scientific and medical community, and the financial community. All these are marketing activities.

Q: There are many companies that offer Marcom services. How are you different?

A: Most such companies focus on the design aspects only. You are still in charge of the contents, and need to write your story in a clear and professional way. With years of domain expertise in biomedical and pharma companies – we can write your story for you in the best way and for every target audience.

Q: Why can’t I do my marketing by myself?

A: You can, and many companies do. However, as in any activity, good marketing demands professionalism, and resources. If you feel you need help on either of these fronts – you may want to consider BioMarketing.

Q: Isn’t outsourcing my marketing activities going to be expensive?

A: For a young company, usually the contrary is true. Since there is no need for a full-time marketing team, hiring someone will eventually lead to inefficiency. By outsourcing you get, and pay for, exactly what you need, with the very highest level of professionalism.

Q: What kind of services do you provide?

A: Anything that involves interaction with the outside world. Common examples include market research, business plans, indication selection, building a website, writing presentations and brochures, conferences and events, site selection for clinical trials and more.

Q: What kind of companies do you work with?

A: BioMarketing is focusing on companies from the health sciences industry such as medical device developers and pharmaceutical companies.