Market research

Your technology may be great, but to really develop it you need to select the right indication, based on many different considerations, including market size, regulatory path and competition (both established and under development). A mistake here can cost your company dearly in its most precious asset – time to market. We can map the landscape and point you in the best direction for your company , that will maximize your value to potential investors.

Business Plan

You will find that whenever you approach investors, the first request is for a detailed business plan. We can help you build a professional business plan for outside investors or for your own board of directors. This process will also help you define your mid-term goals and develop a detailed plan to market, supporting your request for financing.

Marketing Strategy

Wondering what should be your go-to-market plan? Want to make the market aware of your product? Debating the right pricing for it?  Trying to formulate your value proposition? With a structured process and a series of methodical steps we can help you answer these questions and build a short, medium and long-term strategy for your business. A strategy which will help you lay out your next moves, decide what is important and when, and identify your target audience and how to address it.

Marketing Message

Trying to recruit clinical sites? Enroll patients? Raise funding? You feel like you have an interesting story to tell but you are having problems phrasing it? This is the essence of marketing – you need to tell your story right. If you don’t, you’ll often discover that there is no second chance to tell it. We can help you extract the most of what you have and deliver a concise, clear and appealing story to any target audience.


It is possible today for the smallest company to present itself professionally on the web like the larger corporations, yet still too many start-up companies fail to seize the opportunity since they don’t have the time or just don’t know how. We can help you build a website to attract the attention of your target audience, be it investors, physicians, patients or distributors, so that you are more than just a name.

Marketing Materials

You probably need a PowerPoint presentation to tell your story to investors and another one for the medical community. The story keeps changing as more data is gathered and you’d like it to look nice, with the same brand image as your website. Or maybe it’s time for a brochure or a quarterly newsletter,  with a clear crisp message that gets across, if only you could formulate it precisely. We can generate it for you.

And there is more…

The list just goes on. If it involves interaction with the world, chances are we can help you understand what others have to say, or present you to them at your best. This is what marketing is about.